Faccia a Faccia (1967)

A typical Western theme is the clash between civilization and wilderness, the friction between lawful order and savage freedom, intellect and education versus feral instict. Normally, these two elements are polar opposites. But what happens when these extremes happen to come together? What happens if they meet... Face to Face?   If you are looking … Continue reading Faccia a Faccia (1967)

Всадник без головы (1973)

This blog is dedicated to "unamerican" Western, and what could be more unamerican than a Russo-Cuban movie produced during the apex of the Cold War era? In "Vsadnik nez golovy", based on the novel "The Headless Horseman" by Scots-Irish novelist Thomas Mayne Reid, the Crimea stands in for Texas, Cubans represent Mexicans, and "Western traditions" … Continue reading Всадник без головы (1973)

A better mousetrap – Texan style

J.A. Williams design for a better mousetrap. Patented on December 26th 1882.

The classic spring-loaded moustrap design, first patented in 1884 by one William C. Hooker, is basically the one we still use today. But two years earlier, one Jason Alexander Williams of Fredonia, Texas had a different kind of spring-loaded design in mind... one that heavily relied on the use of a .50 caliber bullet. In … Continue reading A better mousetrap – Texan style