Faccia a Faccia (1967)

A typical Western theme is the clash between civilization and wilderness, the friction between lawful order and savage freedom, intellect and education versus feral instict. Normally, these two elements are polar opposites. But what happens when these extremes happen to come together? What happens if they meet... Face to Face?   If you are looking … Continue reading Faccia a Faccia (1967)

Una Pistola Per Ringo (1965)

Original movie poster for "Una Pistola Per Ringo" (1965)

Reviewed Movie: A Pistol for Ringo (Italy, 1965) Original title: Una pistola per Ringo Directed by: Duccio Tessari Starring Giuliamo Gemma (as Montgomery Wood), Fernando Sancho, Nieves Navarro, George Martin When I first started this project, the idea was to showcase the "Unamerican Westerns" I found particularly intriguing in some sort of VLOG- or Video-Review-Format. … Continue reading Una Pistola Per Ringo (1965)